SOFELEC, LtdMore than 20 years of experience. Commitment to Quality Electronic Manufacturing and Production

Located in Portugal, Sofelec is specialized in printed circuit board (PCB) assembly, casing, wiring and transformer winding.


  • Proximity to the French market
  • Lower costs
  • Continuous staff training
  • 1800 m2 facilities


  • Factory area of 1800 m2, close to Porto airport and motorways.

Empresa CertificadaISO 9001

ISO 9001 certified company, ensuring process optimization, greater agility in product development and more agile production in order to satisfy customers and achieve sustained success.


PME Leader

SOFELEC is SME Leader 2019

“PME Leader” is a registered trademark of IAPMEI, created in partnership with Banca and Turismo de Portugal, which distinguishes companies with better economic and financial results and risk profiles, taking into account the best economic indicators.



PME Excellence

SOFELEC is SME Excellence 2019

The PME Excellence status is awarded by IAPMEI and by Turismo de Portugal (in the case of tourism companies) in partnership with 10 banks operating in Portugal and, still, Mutual Guarantee Companies.

It is a seal of reputation that allows distinguished companies to relate to their surroundings – suppliers, customers, the financial system and national and regional authorities – on a basis of trust that facilitates the development of their business. For exporting companies with an international ambition, the PME Excelência status is particularly relevant, constituting a differentiating factor and a guarantee of the solidity and suitability of the companies.

These companies are selected by IAPMEI and Turismo de Portugal from the universe of SME leaders, thus obtaining the status PME Excellence that aims to give notoriety to SMEs, in a fair recognition of their merit and their contribution to the results of the economy.

Competence, Quality and RigorOur Team
All are important pieces in teamwork, each one represents a small part of the final result.